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Whitehorse Creek Cooperative Riparian Restoration


Whitehorse Creek Cooperative Riparian Restoration, near Trafton, WA

Funded by:

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Community Salmon Fund

Project Description:

The Whitehorse Creek Cooperative Riparian Restoration is a small scale community based project focusing on a tributary to the North Fork Stillaguamish River.  This project is a partnership between NFWF, Sound Salmon Solutions, and two neighboring land owners.  3 acres were restored under the first Community Salmon Fund grant which also open up communications with the next door land owner.  The second grant allowed restoration of another 1.5 acres of riparian edge immediately downstream.  This provides almost ½ mile of vegetative cover on one or both sides of the bank of an important tributary.  At the conclusion of this project, over 4.5 acres of invasive blackberry will be replaced by native trees and shrubs; providing important shade and bank stability to the salmon which use this tributary.  This project also impacts the surrounding community by providing land owner education and outreach, as well community volunteer planting events, and child educational opportunities.